Descendant Migration

Descendants of the Battle slaves can be found across the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. As various Battle family members moved and migrated from North Carolina, they brought their slaves with them. Consequently, there are Battle descendants in quite a number of states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida,Tennessee, and more. 

The map below displays the geographic location (down to the county level) of enslaved individuals belonging to a person with the last name of Battle according to the slave schedule of the 1860 United States Federal Census. Slave schedules listed the age, color (black or mulatto), and sex of slaves in a master’s or mistress’ possession. Typically, the names of the enslaved were not recorded. However, there were exceptions. 


Zoom in and out to display the density of Battle presence in certain areas. There is a link below the map to the table that will show the actual data.