Fire: Rocky Mount Mills, 1951

Group of female employees standing behind two men, one wearing a shirt and tie and the other is looking down at his wallet

Rocky Mount Mills Ledger, 1952

Image of a ledger page entitled “Rocky Mount Mills Payroll Authority Sheet.” Form is blank with no information written in. unknown date

Rocky Mount Mills, 1960

Two similar images of four men with two of them holding a plaque labeled “Certificate of Merit.” Print is small but looks to be an award given to RMM because of their lack of accidents over the course of 1,000,000 man hours.

Rocky Mount Mills, 1962

a group of men stand behind the main desk in the Battle House. A plaque on the desk reads “H.L. Battle,” and there are what appear to be two silver punch bowls or trophy cups on the desk, as well.

Rocky Mount Mills, 1963

two men and one woman stand in the foreground holding trophy cups with members of the mill administration, including Thomas Battle, behind them.

Treasurer’s Office

Treasurer’s Office, image on p. 34 of “Rocky Mount mills, a case history of industrial development, 1818-1943”

Looking at Building Plans

Administrators standing behind H.L. Battle’s desk looking at blueprints; From left to right, the men are W.J. Laughridge, Hyman L. Battle, Wellford Price, and Ronald E. Stevens; picture on p. 1 of Rocky Mount Mills : carded cotton yarns, Rocky Mount, N.C