Railroad Team

Men in ties and bowties sitting on steps with two African American men on each side and two women and two men in suits standing on porch above them

Radio Station at the Mill

Women with record player and microphone; maybe where announcements were made over the mill’s loudspeaker

Coley Family, c. 1920-50s

A group of 4 photographs, ranging from 1920s-1950s. Top Left, Samantha Coley, Mill Village school in background. Outside of house at 14 River Drive. Top Right, 1959, Great Grandma Moore (Mother of Samantha). Bottom Left, Samantha Coley, her children Ernest (L) and James, Mabel (Mother of donor Miriam) just out of frame on R. Bottom Right, Samantha Coley (b. 1900) and Percy Coley (b. 1889), both worked at mill. Married in 1914.