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Prospect™ 1.8.8

From the Digital Innovation Lab of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Michael Newton: Software architect and developer.
Breon Williams: CSS contributions.
Kevin Jacoby: Miscellaneous contributions.

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  1. Indicates the current state of Prospect (whether or not it is loading data, etc)
  2. If this is checked, visualizations will be updated automatically and immediately whenever you change a Legend or Filter setting
  3. Click this to either hide or show the Filter panel
  4. Click this to open the second view, or hide it
  5. Click this to see which Perspectives are available for current Exhibit
  6. Click this to save the current state of your activity as a Perspective
  7. Click this to hide or show the annotation of the last Perspective opened
  8. Click this to create a new Filter
  9. Click this to hide or show the panel containing all of your Filters
  10. A button that either indicates the current state of your Filters or allows you to run data through them by clicking it
  11. Choose which visualization you wish to see in this Exhibit
  12. Click this to hide or show the Legend panel
  13. Click this to show the configuration options available for this visualization
  14. Click this to show notes providing extra explanation about this visualization
  15. Click this to show or apply Filters that select items programatically on the current visualization
  16. Click this to clear out the currently highlighted selection on the current visualization
  17. Click this when it is pulsing to show all of the currently highlighted selection of items in the Inspector modal dialog window
  18. Displays the number of items currently highlighted. Click it to display a list of the names of the items.