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Hydroelectric Machinery

Hydroelectric Power Unit

Stored Spools

Warping Room

Card Room, with Drawing Frames

Spooling or Winding Department

Opening Room Machinery

William Henry Summers Loading Cotton

Copper Wire

Conveyor in Mill

High Speed Cone Winders

Cone Creel for Chain Warper

Front of Battle House

Civil War Cannon

Roy Hopewell Operating Carding Machine

Mills Employees Celebrating Centennial

Card Room Photograph

Slubbers in Card Room

Section of Card Room

Section of Card Room Showing Roving Frames

Boiler Room, Rocky Mount Mills

Boiler Room

Looking at Building Plans

Beaming Warper

Ball Warping Machine

High Speed Ball Warpers

Employees Receiving Awards

Trash Rake, Operated by Worker

Assembly Line

Cooling System