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Men on Porch of Battle House

Table in Mill Testing Department

Laboratory and Testing Department

Mill Nurse Checking Blood Pressure

Mixing Room

Mixing and Aging Room

Truck Shipping Cotton

View of Mill Foundation

Mill Display Booth

Aerial Drawing of Mill

Display of Mill Products

Postcard with Writing

1926 Rocky Mount Mill Article

1926 Article

Posed in Front of Battle House

Men Examining Card Room Work

Men in Suits Touring Mill Grounds

Touring the Mill

Men Examining Drawing Frame

Working in the Machine Shop

Inspecting Twisting Machine

Man Examining Whitin Machinery

Observing Winding Department

Worker Demonstrating Machinery

Operating a Lathe

Row of Winders

William Battle

Slubber Frames

Spools, WInding Department

close up, Spooling Machinery