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Parade Float 1938

Parade Float 1947

Packing Department

Mills Origin

Opening Room with Cotton Being Distributed

Mil Floor and Bathrooms

Old Rocky Mount Mill Under Construction

Modern Winding Machines

Winches, Mill Interior

Trash Rake and Mill Pond

Rocky Mount Mills and Falls

Waste Mill Exterior

Waste Mill Interior

Warping Room in Operation

Section of Warping Department

Walking Through the Mills

Falls of the Tar

Vertical Openers

Jonathan Clee Edwards Unloading Cotton

Section of Twisting Department, Rocky Mount Mills

Twine Conveyor

Working Turbines

Automatic Trash Rake

Thread Stands

Rows of Spinners

Twisting Machinery, Rocky Mount Mills

Slubbing Machinery Working

Slubbers With Cotton Pulled Through

Machinery at Rocky Mount Mills

Warping Room and Loom